October 11, 2019 – We at Kayla’s List PAC, the largest Syrian American political action committee, understand the tensions behind the operation by the Turkish Government to rid its border of YPG/PKK terrorists, and the potential grave consequences of inaction. We also know quite well that the underlying evil for this situation has been and will be the butcher of Damascus Bashar al-Assad, and until such time that he is removed there will be no resolution.

We support the establishment of a safe zone in northern Syria to help the return of Syrian refugees. We support the elimination of terrorist elements from northern Syria, and consider Syrian Kurds as part of the Syrian people.

United States policy to support the Marxist YPG/PKK has always been misguided, and replaced one set of problems with another. The YPG/PKK disenfranchised non-YPG/PKK Kurds and Arabs alike.

We urge the Administration and Congress to realign its foreign policy with the hopes and aspirations of the Syrian people for a free, pluralistic and democratic Syria. We urge active coordination with local Kurds and Arab civil societies to protect all civilians from all backgrounds.

We would like to thank those involved who are finally establishing safe zones that Syrians have been advocating for the last eight years to provide safe haven for the many displaced Syrians.

Dr. Saud Atassi